Salem Arkansas 72576

Promoting Education and Leadership

Poultry and Rabbit Barn

Barn 1 - Size 60 x 225 ft.

Some Bleacher Seating

Rental Fees

$100 per Day and $100 for each additional day.

$100 Cleaning Deposit will be refunded if terms of contract are met.

Barn 2 - Size 40 x 100 feet

This is an semi - enclosed barn and contains poultry and rabbit cages.

Rental Fees

$50 per Day 

$100 Cleaning Deposit will be refunded if terms of contact are met.

Barn 3 - Size 40 x 80 ft.

This barn contains livestock pens.

Rental Fees

$100 per Day and $50 for each additional day.

$100 Cleaning Deposit will be refunded if terms of contract are met.

Barn 1 - Everett Show Arena and Walling Livestock Center

Arena - Size 100 x 250 ft

Bleacher Seating for 2000 people.

Rental Fee

$400 per Day with discount for each additional day.

$100 Cleaning Deposit will be refunded if terms  of  contract are met.

​Poultry and Rabbit Barn

Hickinbotham-Miller Exhibit Bldg.

Hickinbotham - Miller Exhibit Bldg.

Size - 50 x 140 ft. including full kitchen.

Limited Number of Tables Provided (20) - Additional Tables $5.00 each.

Rental Fees 

Full Day - (8 hours or more) - $200 per day and $100 per day each additional day.

One-Half Day (4-6 hours) - $100.

One-Fourth Day (1-3 hours) - $50.

$100 Cleaning Deposit is required for all rentals and will be refunded if terms of contract are met.

Salem Civic Center

The Salem Civic Center was completed in July, 2016 and is available for rent. It is the largest venue in the area with an open floor plan that is ideal for a number of events. It has a seating capacity of 800 to 900 for concert seating or 400 for banquet seating. 

Size - 100 x 125 ft., excluding storage and restrooms. A stage and dressing rooms are included. Forty 8-ft. tables with chairs are available for banquet or meeting seating. Additional tables are $5.00 each. Four-hundred folding chairs are available to rent. Rentor is responsible for setup. A sound system is available for meetings and banquets for an additional charge.

Rental Fees

Commercial and Business Rates: Full Day (8 hours or more) - $500 per day plus a utility charge to be determined by the size of the group and the time of the year. Small groups, under 200 people $25 - $50. Groups from 201 to 500 people $50 to $100. Over 500 people, utility charge will be determined by size of group.  Each additional day $250 per day. 

Rental fees for individuals for weddings, family reunions, etc. are flexible. Contact us for fees.

$200 Cleaning Deposit to be paid when rented that will be refunded if terms of rental contract are met. 

The Fulton County Fair has a number of buildings and facilities for rent for trade shows, direct marketing sales, business meetings, weddings, proms, family reunions, holiday parties, livestock and equipment auctions, etc. during the fair off-season.

Call us at 870-895-5565 or check our calendar for availability. 

Contact us:

Fulton County Fair Association

124 Arena Lane

Post Office Box 910

Salem, AR 72576

Telephone: 870-895-5565

Email:  fultoncountyfair1@gmail.com