Leslie Drug

Livestock Department Sponsor

Mammoth Spring Dental Clinic

Beef and Dairy Department Sponsor.

Link to Online Entries:  http://fulton.fairwire.com

All livestock entries including poultry, rabbits and horses must be entered by July 15, 2018. 

Check the Events Page for a schedule for check-in and judging for the livestock department.

Peaceful River Farm

Sponsor of the Open Beef Supreme Awards.  

Salem Auto Parts/Parts Pro

Sheep and Goat Department Sponsor

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  2019  Fair Dates - July 22-27

Austin's Embroidery Shop.

Sponsor of the Reserve Horsemanship Awards.

First Community Bank

 Beef and Dairy Department Sponsor. They are also sponsoring the Open Showmanship Awards for Beef, Dairy, Goats, Sheep, and Swine.